Why Reagan.com Secure Private Email Service is Better

When it comes to email, not all service providers are created equal. Finding the best secure and private email service can be an overwhelming endeavor, but with all the benefits it can provide, it’s certainly worth your time. There are a number of factors to weigh when selecting your private email service, such as:

Risks Facing Free Email Users

  • Security

    Does the service use the most sophisticated technology to ensure your email is protected?

  • Privacy

    Does the provider guarantee it will not scan or use your information?

  • Value

    Does the private email service deliver what it promises for a reasonable fee?

  • Beliefs

    Does the service’s mission align with your own?


Reagan.com hits all of those marks, with a private email service that is unmatched by other service providers on the market. We rely on TSL encryption to ensure messages are secure and will never copy, scan or sell users’ messages or information, as we believe that private accounts should remain private. Reagan.com offers affordable services designed to meet our members where they are—no matter what device they’re using or where they’re located—all backed by exceptional customer support. On top of this, we are guided by the work of President Ronald Reagan, whose belief in basic American freedom powers our work each day. And with a Reagan.com private email service account, members are able to continue his historic legacy.

But just sharing the benefits of our service doesn’t truly inform you on how to navigate through the many private email services out there to pick what’s best for you. Here are details on some other products on the market and ways that they may come up short to ensure you make the best choice when it comes to your private email service:

  • ProtonMail

    While this provider offers secure email, it does not provide any instantaneous customer support. Instead, if you have a problem with the service and are looking for assistance from a support tech, you’ll be directed to an online FAQs section. In addition, ProtonMail is not U.S. based., which could also complicate support issues.

  • Tutanota

    This German-based company says it provides “free secure email.” Though Americans can use its services, there’s no U.S.-based contact information on Tutanota’s website. In addition, it offers no real-time customer support so, if you run into a pressing problem, you may be out of luck.

  • Yoover

    Some private email service providers seem similar to ours, such as Yoover. However, this and others lack one thing that only Reagan.com can deliver: name recognition. When users send an email form a Reagan.com address, they know that recipient will recognize the name—all while they continue to keep President Ronald Reagan’s legacy alive.

  • Traditional Email

    “Free” email services like those provided by Google, Yahoo and AOL are not truly free, as they come with a high cost: your privacy. These services scan your information for data to sell to big companies that make a profit off of you by targeted ads and spam. While users may not have to pay anything upfront, the tradeoff is that they compromise both their privacy and their rights.


Finding the best private email service doesn’t have to be a challenge. Reagan.com not only protects your information and provides affordable services supported by leading customer care, it also offers the opportunity to uphold the values and legacy of one of the greatest presidents in our nation’s history.